How an Electric Solar Fence Works |

A solar electric fence is a type of wire fence that is built to be utilized to keep cows and other kinds of livestock from ranging off a farmer’s land or getting stolen. The second an animal or individual comes into contact with the fence they will get an electric shock. Though this is not enough to be painful or harm them at all it does send them a message that they should not be anywhere near it.The bulk of farmers will make sure to keep the livestock enclosed by these fences when they are in a field or some other type of enclosure for a short period. The fence is built up of a single strand of wire that runs along the entire border of the it. The wire has been isolated and has been kept apart from the metal stake supports that keep the fence in the earth by utilizing ceramic, rubber, or glass.To prevent the wire from losing all of its charge it is kept separate from items that might drain the charge back into the earth. Coming into contact with anything but the terminal would make it ineffective at keeping the livestock confined.On either end of the wire is a terminal that links it to the charge generator. This goes live when the fence has been turned on. There is yet another terminal on the generator that is united to the metal ground rod that is placed four feet into the earth.On the top of the charger is the solar panel. It is mounted in a spot that will assist it to receive the most quantity of sun during the day. The battery will be completely expelled and than recharged when the solar electric fence is all set to be utilized.